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How does it work

You can enter the raffle for any of the releases listed as active on this website by selecting your size and entering your customer information. You will then have a chance to fill in your shipping details and authorize the payment on your credit card.

Please check all details are correct before entering. It is not possible to change details after entering. By entering the raffle with the button „Pay Now“, you are agreeing to the full terms of the raffle. A payment will then be authorized on your credit card of choice. Allike Store has not yet taken any money from you. Any money that appears to have gone from your bank account will currently be sitting as authorized/pending. You are henceforth automatically entered into our raffle.

We aim to notify customers within 6 hours of the raffle end. The approximate end of the raffle is displayed on the product page by the means of a countdown and the date written out.

If your entry is successful, Allike Store will claim the full payment of goods and shipping. From this point on, the authorized/pending amount will be deducted from your credit card. Your order will then be treated as any other order and will be fulfilled in our logistics center. When your order is ready to be sent out you will receive shipping information from us to follow your order.

If yor entry is unsuccessful your funds will be fully automatically released back to you and the payment authorization will be removed from your credit card. Please note: this may take 3-7 working days and depends on how fast your bank processes it.

How does it work?


How does it work?

  • Start the process

    Choose your size and click “Enter Raffle”.

  • Enter Shipping Information

    Where should we ship to if you win?

  • Enter Payment Details

    We will authorize a payment on your credit card, which will show up in your statement. No money will leave the account, unless you win. Promise!

  • Review Information & Enter

    You are now good to go.

  • On Raffle Day...

    We draw the winners shortly after closure.

  • If you win...

    We deduct your payment and ship the item.

  • If you lose...

    We remove the authorization. No payment will ever be taken from your account.